Compliance – Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct represents our basic beliefs and forms the basis for responsible entrepreneurial action.

It serves as a guideline for all Berief employees as well as a correct and honest behaviour for business activities. This expectation also affects third parties such as customers, suppliers and other business partners and includes besides other key data of our code of conduct:

Berief Code of Conduct Berief Code of Conduct 



Our compliance team will be happy to answer any questions, suggestions or comments you may have:

Phone:  02521-2614-555



Attorney at Law Henning Niemann is available as an intermediary for confidential and anonymous information. Mr. Niemann is professionally bound to secrecy and will follow up on information confidentially and anonymously:

Attorney at Law Henning Niemann
Graf-Schack-Allee 8
19053 Schwerin

Phone:  +49-385-778880
Fax:      +49-385-7788877