Sustainability is in our nature 

It all started in 1985 with a little tofu in the middle of Germany.
Tofu - 35 years ago? "Of cause!" our founder Hermann Berief would say.
Because even 35 years ago it was clear to him: We have to take responsibility, use our resources sustainably,
and promote a plant-based diet. 


Sustainability is deeply anchored in our corporate DNA.
We consider ecological, economic and social sustainability aspects in equal measure.
This includes regional raw material procurement, active climate and environmental protection,
and the health of our employees, customers, producers - simply all people. As an expert in plant-based foods,
offering healthy products is also an important aspect of our sustainability strategy.

Together with the Center for Sustainable Leadership (ZNU),
we are working on becoming even more sustainable and have set ourselves clear goals!


We always want to become better

Our Sustainability goals

ZNU Klima


By 2025:
-25% kWh* / tonne of product

By 2030:
-50% kWh* / tonne of product

*kWh for gas and electricity consumption.

Baseline year 2019.

ZNU Beschaffung

Sustainable Procurement

By 2023:
All of our raw materials will reach a sustainability rating of 50.

By 2025:
All our raw materials will reach a sustainability rating of 80.

For this, we assess our raw materials on a scale of 0-100 based on various aspects of sustainability, such as regionality, water consumption and CO2 emissions.

Baseline year 2020.

ZNU Gesundheit


By 2025
80% of our Berief products
should have a Nutri-Score of A or B.

All Berief products are carrying the
Nutri-Score label since October 2019 – for more transparency during shopping.
Baseline year 2019.

...and take responsibility

As a family-owned company, we take responsibility for the world of tomorrow and, with our sustainability goals,
pay tribute to the objectives of the global sustainability goals - "Sustainable Development Goals".
We focus in particular on:

SDGs 7

Affordable and clean energy

Goal 7.2 and 7.3


SDGs 12

responsible consumption and production

Goal 12.6


SDGs 3

Good health and well-being

goal 3.4