Organic oat drink

Mild flavour – a real cool character

Our organic oat drink has no sugar whatsoever. Experience it for yourself, it is best cooled: As a mixed drink with fresh summer fruits it is unbeatable. However it also rescues rainy days in front of a fire – in semolina or an airy dessert.

We dispense with sugar – fermented oats supply the natural sweetness. Our organic oat drink contains organically grown ingredients and it is naturally lactose-free.

1 l



drinking water, whole-grain oats*, sunflower oil*, sea salt

Nutritional information

On average, 100 ml of the product contains
Energy166 kJ/40 kcal
fat1.4 g
of which: saturated fatty acids0.2 g
carbohydrates6.0 g
of which: sugar5.2 g
protein0.6 g
salt0.13 g

Shake well before each use. 

Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3-4 days.

Recipe ideas

Where to Buy

Will soon be available in stores!