Our vegetable convenience products

Enticing diversity

Do you prefer hearty and solid and at the same time vegetarian-worthwhile? If so, then there is a lot to discover on this website: Whether organic soy patties, organic tofu cut into strips or organic tofu mince, whether vegetarian grill assortment or our vegetarian sandwich spread assortment – here you will find everything for your vegetarian well-being.

Vegan spread

Whether as sandwich spread, dip or for enhancing sauces or vegetables, the vegetarian sandwich spread products open up a variety of delicious combination possibilities. Be inspired!


Bio Vegan Laktosefrei Glutenfrei Naturland

Vegan spread liverwurst

125 g

Vegetable convenience

Vegetarian can be so delicious. Even inveterate connoisseurs are blown away. There are no limits to your fantasy. Try out all variations to your heart's content!


Bio Vegan Laktosefrei Glutenfrei Naturland

Vegan ham sausage

175 g

Organic tofu minced

180 g

Organic tofu strips

180 g

Organic soy burger

2 x 90 g

Vegetarian barbecue range

Here vegetarian variety is placed on the grill. Either totally classic, or with a spicy-firey note. Keenly interested as an enthusiastic barbecue chef? Then this assortment has suitable specialties for you.


Bio Vegan Laktosefrei Glutenfrei Naturland

Pflanzgriller Wiener style

5 x 36 g

Pflanzgriller Balkanröllchen

6 x 36 g

Pflanzgriller Nürnberger Art

4 x 70 g

Pflanzgriller cherry-pepper cheese

4 x 70 g