Spring rolls with tofu mince, savoy cabbage and sesame seeds



  1. Detach the savoy cabbage leaves from the stalk, blanch 4 minutes in boiling salt water. Then plunge savoy cabbage leaves into ice water place them on paper towels to dry off. With a sharp knife, cut the savoy cabbage into fine strips. Peel the carrots, cut into a fine julienne, likewise blanch and then plunge the carrots into ice water.

Tip: Vegetables cut into very fine strips are referred to as julienne. Special julienne cutters are available from well-assorted kitchen retailers.

  1. Crumble the Berief organic tofu mince in a bowl, add savoy cabbage and carrots; season with soy sauce and cane sugar.
  2. In a coated pan, roast sesame seeds without oil 2 minutes, until golden brown, and fold them into the mixture.
  3. Carefully lay out the filo dough on the work surface and distribute 4–5 tbsp of the savoy cabbage/tofu mince in the middle of each sheet. Fold the lower third of the sheet of filo dough upwards onto the filling, brush the sides and edges lightly with a water, fold in and shape into a spring roll.

Tip: Lay out the filo dough on a dry work surface. You can use a dry kitchen towel to do this.

  1. Heat the peanut oil to 160 °C in a pan and deep fry the spring rolls for 2–3 minutes in the hot oil.
  2. While doing this, wash off the lime in hot water and quarter it.
  3. Let the hot spring rolls drain on paper towels; serve on chive stalks with the pieces of lime.



Serve with the sweet chili sauce as dip!

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