Hungry for recipes? Here are satisfying ideas!

Vegetarian enjoyment also lives from variety. If you are looking for inspiration: Here is your treasure trove. From easy and fast recipe ideas to more demanding creations. Try them out – they are all delicious!

Pick-me-ups – breakfast & associates.

Here you will find light, fast meals that are great ways to start your day.

Mango porridge with turmeric
Smoothie red beet, strawberry-orange with vanilla
Smoothie greenhorn
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Fill-me-ups – lunch and dinner

Sometimes their must be something to satisfy a big appetite. You will find just the right recipes here.

Leek-cannelloni with smoked tofu vegetable filling and parmesan sauce and cherry tomatoes
Vegan burger with savoury avocado cream
Sautéed tofu with sesame spinach
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Something sweet – dessert, soyogurt, pastries

For everyone with a sweet tooth, we offer tasty treats for snacking and enjoyment.

Chocolate-banana cupcake
Vegan vanilla ice cream
Vegan waffles with soyghurt cereal and fruit
Have you got a serious sweet tooth? We have additional delicacies for you here

For snacking – light meals, dips

Minimal effort, great effect! Here you will find delicious finger food, appropriate dips and great snacks.

Colourful skewers with smoked tofu
Sweet potato finger food with vegan sandwich spread
Grilled tofu with mango-tomato salsa
Are you a snack explorer? Here you will make a find

Stomach warmers

Feel-good recipes with warming soups and aromatic recipes await you here.

Broccoli-cauliflower soup with sautéed tofu
Carrot-fennel soup with grated coconut and almonds
Have you acquired a taste for it? Here you will find additional recipes